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  • Fits most commercially available safety plugs.
  • Ear plugs are fully replaceable using the included Allen Wrench
  • Patent includes design for use with Hi-Fi ear plugs (check back for future images)
  • Each piece is a blank template to customize for your customers or can be worn as-is (display model demonstrates engraving).
  • Each piece is treated with Protectaclear by Everbrite to ensure design is sealed and protected from scratches and general wear (also hypoallergenic).


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It is proven that loud music and loud noise in general can cause tinnitus and/or make tinnitus worse. It effects more than 250,000,000 world wide.

See the http://www.ata.org/music for statistics and the great work that rock stars around the world are doing to bring attention to this important cause.

STYLE|budz wants to play an important role in hearing health, by bringing a fashionable necklace to market that does away with all of the reasons people may not be wearing hearing protection. No more worrying about not looking cool, forgetting them at home, having them covered in lint when you remove them from your pockets, and covered in embarrassing earwax for all to see.

We hope to license the STYLE|budz patent to a major manufacture for worldwide distribution.

If you are interested in licensing STYLE|budz to be the first to bring this exciting product to the masses or if you would like to be sent a complimentary model for further consideration please contact us to discuss the limitless possibilities.


We'd like to collaborate with artists, metal workers, and retailers on special design partnerships.

If you are a product innovator, what it might your version look like after you add your own creativity and design features? Would it be made out of gold, silver, bronze, aluminum, gun metal, pewter, quality plastic? Would it be painted or engraved with your logo or favorite design? Would you chose to work with the current shape or change it to meet your needs. Imagine a personalized shotgun shell design, or an 80’s style boom box…..the possibilities are endless.



Perfect for

  • Motorcycle shops
  • Tattoo/air brush artists
  • Gun/hunting stores
  • Rock bands/concert goers
  • Metal workers/casters
  • Machine operators
  • Cubicle staff
  • Frequent Flyers



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